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It seems that every-time I place this review this scam business removes it. They changed their trading name to Money Catch.

So here is my review from 15 months ago here again. One of the worst decisions of my life was to use AURFS, they changed their name and their domain name to avoid bad reviews about their scam business, they now go by Money catch and are using you would be fooled into believing that they runs a legitimate credible business, but my experience was furthest from that. I have never seem someone more dishonest, deceitful han that lot. Be careful from giving them your information as they will steal your identity and try to rip you off.

scammers, thieves liars is what these people are, how they are ACTUALLY being allowed to operate is the question. AURFS now using its just a dodgy operator out to take your money. Word of advice, avoid them at all cost, they will steal your money.

They call themselves the Unclaimed Money professionals but they're are all fake, anything but professional! See sample of their scam emails exposed by scam fighting website Source: Source: Ripoff Report about Money Catch Scam

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Scammers, Scam people, Illegal business.

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They are good people


i just came on and looked at the comments. Moneycatch are advising you about phising & whaling scams...that is Hilarious.

the scam are advising us the general populous about scammers.

the gall they have. Money Catch are the biggest scam.

to toomuch #1604933

Um der. Because they are investigators.

Money Catch Verified Representative

Money Catch Alerting Consumers to Phishing & Whaling Scam Money Catch Phishing & Whaling SCAM Alert – Please be advised the following 419scam email is Not from our office – AURFS Pty Ltd trading as Money Catch. About Phishing Scams & Whaling Scams Targeting Consumers and Businesses.

Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers. We are aware of the 419 email this person has posted, which gives the impression it is from our company, however it is not! We are AURFS Pty Ltd, trading as Money Catch. Our old business name prior to 2014 was Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service, however this business name is no longer active in Australia.

Our About Us page gives you the history of our Company. READ MORE HERE:


These guys are the best investigators in the unclaimed money industry. They find the support documents for their client's claims. Pretty amazing.


total ripoff business


These guys are the real deal. I went to them after receiving a letter from another company, they undercut that company were fast and professional.

Great service, advise and your dealing with Licensed professionals. Totally recommend."


Thank you for making me aware of this moneycatch scam

to FaithfulGar688 #1592429

Member since yesterday the 4th November, you created an account just to say 10 words!! Fake person, you are the scammer.


Money Catch Unclaimed Money Professionals are FAKE. It took me 2 minutes to found out.

Just google MONEY CATCH COMPLAINTS. all is there

to CJ #1591977

You can't half see that this is a disgruntled person or group of people writing these posts about money catch - competitors!! I would say money catch have a very good claim for defamation on a corporate level and personal level.

People now serve Jail time for defamation. It took you 2mins because you are one of them writing the reviews.

to Hoppy #1592431

Yer, I agree, have you seen the defamation cases in Australia at the moment!! - this is out of hand and if people in this industry are commenting and joining into this rubbish by writing all these fake comments and reviews on money catch, you should be ashamed of yourself.

All agents should stand up to bullies, it's like they are still stuck in school and never grew up whoever this group is that has got it set out to do damage to other people and their business. Shame Shame


I have never seen a review this CRAZY SH**T. I can't believe this that MONEY CATCH COMPANY should be force shut down as it is scamming a lot of people. How come that type of scam still exists...

to Grant B #1548039
Money Catch Verified Representative

We are not a scam. We are approved by the NSW & QLD Police to operate with a Master CAPI Investigator license and are approved members of AIPI - Australian Institute of Professional Investigators.

Money Catch does not just work with unclaimed money, we have several other services.

MONEY CATCH REAL CLIENT REVIEWS can be found on Google+, Linkedin, Trustpilot and our website. We also have long-term business client's and lawyers that are happy to talk with any consumers interested in working with us.

to MoneyCatch #1570351

@moneycatchscammers blowing your own trumpet All am hearing reading your BS is this ' scammers, scammers, scammers' everyone sees you a mile away. Money Catch scam

to MoneyCatch #1570358

Who is CRAZY ENOUGH to be 'interested in working' with you Money Catch? You are next level scammers & your motto must be ' when caught out, just tell bigger porkies' seems to be working.


Money Catch/ Cyber Space Investigations/ AAVIP/ AURFS/ Australian Unrecovered Finance Service all front of her scam. She has scammed so many customers who believed the lies on her website and ll her fake positive testimonials on google and Facebook (which she writes up herself THEN she responds to then {{Redacted}} ' oh thank you for this wonderful review' ), sick woman!

Deanna spends her days faking positive testimonials and then replying to herself with thank you comments. The rest of her time it seems she is removing genuine complaints from the internet.

This woman has not got a single shred of dignity and must be such a narcissist and psychiatric that she is totally removed from normal life. Lets make sure she doesn't get away with it.

to keiran #1548037
Money Catch Verified Representative

This is absolutely untrue in every way. MONEY CATCH REAL CLIENT REVIEWS can be found on Google+, Linkedin, Trustpilot and our website. We also have long-term business client's and lawyers that are happy to talk with any consumers interested in working with us.


These people ripped my aunt off, poor old thing she was 78 and a dear old thing. These thugs think nothing of ripping off an elderly widow so think again before using them, they love conning people.


Money Catch owner is a CRIMINAL. That is 100% fact.

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